Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finished Ladies Princess Slip

The finished project, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
I haven't taken out my pleating yet. I want to steam it one more time. The following posts explain my process and at the end are close ups of the back (with real tiny buttons), the front with the insertions.

Initial pattern

Initial pattern, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
This is the first pattern that I have received as part of the 1912 sewing project. Full size it required 12 yards of insertion lace. So I decided to make it doll sized.

pattern pieces

pattern pieces, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
After printing out the pattern life size I figured out my ratios and using my scanner made the pieces smaller. The really required very little alteration once that was done.

Insertion lace

Insertion lace, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
I did the insertion lace the same as if it were life size. This is the view of my hand sewing from the back.

accordian pleats using the pleater

One option for accordian pleats was to use a pleater. The material went through fine before I put in the insertion lace. I did it this way so I could figure out how long a length I needed. My mistake was to take the pleating out and to try to re pleat it with the insertion lace inserted.

insertion lace in the flounce

insertion lace in the flounce, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
This is a lovely piece of edwardian lace. It sewed nicely and looks great but is very soft. It wouldn't go through the pleater again. Next time pleat the fabric, loosen it to do the insertion but don't take the pleating out.

insertion lace from the back

insertion lace from the back, originally uploaded by Xiaoli2004.
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